SCI’s 3rd Annual NPL Securitisation Seminar

14 September 2021 | Virtual Event



The volume of non-performing loans on European bank balance sheets is expected to increase due to Covid-19 stress and securitisation is recognised by policymakers as key to enabling these assets to be disposed of. SCI’s NPL Securitisation Seminar explores the impact of the coronavirus fallout on performance and issuance, as well as on pricing assumptions, servicing and workout trends across the European market. Together with recent regulatory developments, the event examines the establishment of an asset protection scheme in Greece and the emergence of synthetic NPL ABS.

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  • September
    John Owen Waller - SCI (Managing Director)
    An overview of how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted European non-performing loan activity and ABS issuance volumes across the major jurisdictions. How has the coronavirus fallout affected pricing assumptions and secondary market activity? Do technology and data have roles to play in the market’s recovery?
    Panel Includes:
    Romina Rosto - Societe Generale
    Enrica Landolfi – HSBC
    Biagio Giacalone - Intesa Sanpaolo
    A discussion of recent NPE regulatory and legislative developments, including the European Commission’s NPL strategy and capital markets recovery package proposals. What impact are the EBA NPL templates having on portfolio sales and securitisation? Is the European Parliament’s secondary market directive facilitating increased liquidity and investor participation? What are the prospects for NPL significant risk transfer deals?
    Panel Includes:
    Marco Angheben - European DataWarehouse
    This panel examines the importance of sourcing relationships and the rise of strategic servicing partnerships, including joint ventures. What is driving consolidation across servicers and what benefits does this bring? How much of a constraint is servicing capacity and supply of talent to the development of the NPL market?
    Panel Includes:

    Paolo Pellegrini - Cerved
    A focus on the GACS and Hercules Asset Protection schemes. Can NPL securitisations be executed economically without such schemes? Are ReoCos and LeaseCos likely to become more widespread? How have rated NPL securitisations performed and are ERC curves catching up with reality?
    Panel Includes:
    Francesco Di Costanzo - Hoist Finance
    Ilias Kyriakopoulos - EuPraxis FSI
    Gaetano Anselmi - Banca Carige
    This panel explores emerging NPL opportunities, including the rise of non-performing real estate leases. How is the unlikely-to-pay loan market developing? Which new pockets of value are likely to appear in the near future? Which new NPL jurisdictions are likely to emerge as a result of the coronavirus fallout?
    Panel Includes :
    Massimo Famularo - Distressed Technologies
    Riccardo Sigaudo - Banca IFIS